1. Please remember to come to your eyelash appointment MAKEUP FREE or you may be ask to reschedule, pay a makeup removal fee, or get less lashes applied to accommodate your remaining time of your appointment. 
  2. Please come to your appointment ALONE.  No pets, under age children or guest are allowed that are no being serviced.  ​
  3. All services are à la carte, unless otherwise noted. 
  4. Refund Policy:  As licensed professionals our goal is to offer the best recommendation, service and environment. We DO NOT guarantee final results and can only do our best with what you have to offer. Therefore, once time has been allocated to offer any service, we will not issue a refund. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


Appointment Deposit Fee:

A 50% deposit is required for any service booked. The deposit will be charged immediately before an appointment is accepted or booked. All deposits will be credited to the total cost of services being rendered and the balance will be due at the time of service. Invoice request sent through PayPal and must be paid immediately. Appointments are given on a first come, first paid deposit. We do not hold any appointments without a deposit. Once your deposit is paid, your appointment will be accepted; if you fail to cancel your appointment with proper notice your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.  

Late Policy:

Being late 15 mins or more will result in an automatic cancellation of your appointment. Especially, if it interferes with the next appointment. If your appointment is canceled because of being "LATE", we'll try to get you re-booked that same week in order to keep you on schedule. If you have to be squeezed in you will be charged a "APPOINTMENT CHANGE FEE"   

Non Cancellation Fee – 50% of Booked Service:

A Non-Cancellation Fee is 50% of the total cost of the service that you were booked for. If your appointment is not cancelled with proper notice you will be charged 50% of the total service you were booked for, making your initial deposit NON REFUNDABLE. We ask that you give a full 24 hour notice when canceling your appointment. This gives the stylist a chance to fill that appointment slot or make changes to their appointment book as needed. If charged, this is FEE is NON REFUNDABLE.  We do not overbook, therefore your time with us is your time. We understand that life happens and is sometimes out of our control. If you fail to cancel your appointment without proper notice the stylist is out of time and revenue that can not be replaced at the last minute. To help avoid any cancellation issues, we have a booking system that is very prompt with keeping you informed of your appointments. A notification will be sent to you by email or text when your appointment is booked. You will also receive a 72 hour reminder asking you to confirm the appointment, and a reminder will be sent again 25 hours before the actual time of your appointment. At anytime prior to 24 hours, you have the option to make any changes without any penalty. If it is after business hours, please remember you access to your account 24/7.  

Appointment Change Fee:

Depending on the service, most clients have the ability to make changes online through Vagaro. A fee will be charged for any last minute changes made less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. This is only valid if you require assistance (because the system wont allow you to make any changes 25 hours before you appointment) or I have to "squeeze" you in by request. This fee is NON REFUNDABLE.   FYI: We strongly suggest, that you download the Vagaro app. This gives you full access to your account and appointments, even after business hours.   

No Deposit... No Appointment... 

Too Many Cancellations... No Re-Book