Oh Baby! 3D-4D Volume Lashes

Oh Baby! 3D-4D Volume Lashes – $195

Deposit $97.50 


Please do not use the deposit button on this page if you are trying to book a monthly special.  Your appointment will not be approved.  For specials, please see our special page

3/4D volume lashes are applied 3 or 4 eyelash extension to 1 natural lash providing 3 to 4 times more lashes than you classic set. Please note, all full sets require a 50% deposit before an appointment will be accepted.

Re-Lash Maintenance – In order to be consider a re-lash, you must have at least 50% of your lashes remaining,  If not, you may be charged more or possibly considers a full set.

Within 1 week        $50
Within 2 weeks      $70
Within 3 weeks​      $90
Within 4 weeks      $115
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