Scheduling PMU

Hours of Business

We do not take walk-ins. We require at least 24 hours for an appointments.. We are closed every other Saturday & every other Monday, including holidays unless the system shows availability.

Please note: Our system is current with all available times.


Please understand that everyone is not a candidate for this technique. This procedure required a great deal of cooperation and patient on both ends to ensure that the client and practitioner is a good fit.  Therefore, we are very strict about the guidelines and policy that is in place.

When scheduling your appointment, if the desired appointment time is not available, please call during business hours for assistance at (757) 560-0873.  You can also me placed on a wait list by clicking here “wait listIf you have to leave a message, someone will return your call within 24 hours. We do not answer calls while servicing clients, because most of our clients fall asleep during the time.  Please keep in mind, we do require a minimum of 24 hours notice to book.  We will try our best to accommodate you but earlier appointments are not promised, as we have a large existing clientele.

Step 1

Before an appointment can be made, we require that a full questionnaire is complete. Along with the questionnaire, you will be required to submit 2 clear photos of yourself. 1. without makeup and the 2nd with a full face of makeup showing an example of what your expectations are from your completed procedure.

Step 2

Photos must be emailed to: 

After you have submitted both the questionnaire online and send the photos by email, please give us at least 24 hours to review your information.

Step 3

Book your consultation online. All new and returning clients are required to book their consultation appointment online. This is to ensure that all information is accurate.

*** By completing all three steps, you agree that you have reviewed and fully understand the healing processbefore & aftercare, scheduling and our policy information.

Once we have reviewed your information, you will be called to schedule your consultation. Please do not pay for a consultation online until you have spoken to someone and a time and date has been set for your initial service.

All appointments require that a service deposit which is 50% of the service be paid to secure your time and date. Appointments can not be held without a service deposit.  Both the consultation fee and service deposit will be credited towards the total cost of your procedure, as long as it is not forfeited.  Please see our policy.  The remaining balance is due on the day of your treatment. Cash is preferred, but we also accept all major Credit/ Debit Cards.  If paid in cash, we do offer a discount of $25.  If you book a 2nd procedure, you save 20% and a 3rd procedure, you save 35%

 What to expect?

We are very structured when scheduling appointments, therefore please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. During your consultation, we will focused on the design, structure and balance of your desired look. Once we’ve agreed on the goals for the procedure, you will be allowed to book your  initial service and a service deposit is required at that time.  Both the consultation fee and service deposit will be credited to the total cost of service.  A complimentary perfecting service is included in the price and must be given within 4 to 8 weeks.   At that time we will evaluate your healed results and make adjustments any areas where need to fill in pigment. An additional touch-up appointment maybe required to achieve optimal results, which requires an additional cost.

Perfecting Session:

If you deny to follow up with your perfecting service, please know that you are forfeiting this service by your own choice.  This is a complimentary service and therefore there is not refund. If you decide to forfeit your perfecting session and allow another practitioner to service you after your initial service  you will no longer be able to receive future touch up services in that area where PMU where was applied. We can not take a risk, not knowing how someone perform their procedure.   

Touch Up Sessions: In order to be consider a (Touch Up) you must have hair stroke or shading remaining. If it requires a new design, it will be considered a new procedure and pricing is according to the current price list at that time. Due to the possibility of the PMU area developing scar tissue, it is up to the practitioner to decide if touch up services are allowed.

If the pigment fades more than you would like, please take into consideration an alternative such as makeup to prolong the time between touch ups services. Once scar tissue is present, PMU will no longer be an option for enhancement.  This is not and never will be a PERMANENT SOLUTION.