PMU Application Area

What applications can be used for Micropigmentation or PMU?

Micropigmentation or PMU has many applications, but the most popular are:

The eyebrows are perhaps the most important part of the face: the shaped can enhance and lift the eyes, drawing attention to your cheek bones frame the face, while also giving facial expressions.  Micropgimentation or PMU can add depth and color to thin or non-existent brows creating a more natural appearance.  The latest technique for eyebrows in permanent make-up is the hair stroke technique, but there are other names that popular on the market, such as

  • Shading, Ombre and Powder Brows
  • Microstroking, Eyebrow Embroidery, 3D or Feathering Eybrows & Microblading

No matter the name, the procedure of microblading eyebrows is relatively new here but its been popular in pasts of Asia and Europe for roughly 25 years or more. These different techniques are used for the purpose of creating the most natural result for the satisfaction of the client, but also recommended by the professional according to lifestyle and skin type.

The shape and color can change as we age, but with permanent makeup lips can be restored by giving more definition to correct the shape

symmetrically and permanently restoring color that has faded. The latest techniques are:

  • Full Lips
  • Ombre Lips
  • Lip Liner

With either technique you can be confident that your lips are always be on point.

Permanent eyeliner gives a natural look that is more subtle and neater than regular make-up. Permanent eyeliner can be applied on the top, bottom or both accentuating the eyes making them appear larger and brighter, even for men.  The benefits of permanent eyeliner is that its smudge-free! Wake up effortlessly beautiful every morning never having to worry because it stays in place 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Now you can swim, workout, enjoys the sauna and never has to worry if your makeup is running.

Some of the trendy names and techniques are:

  • duotone
  • ombre
  • Smokey

Medical Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction or Breast Reduction surgery clients are usually left with visible scars that can be covered by micropigmentation or permanent makeup (PMU).  

  • Areola restoration after breast reconstruction surgery
  • Scar camouflage after a breast reduction
  • Camouflage of white pigment spots and Vitiligo


Scalp Micropigmentation

Clients suffering from alopecia, trichotoillomania or other causes of hair loss an also benefit from dermapigmentation or PMU

  • Color Restoration to camouflage the appearance of hair loss