• Lips

The shape and color can change as we age, but with permanent makeup lips can be restored by giving more definition to correct the shape symmetrically and permanently restoring color that has faded resulting in a fuller blumped lips.

Eye Candy 3D Luscious Lips

Eye Candy 3D Luscious Lips by Shay


The latest techniques are:

  • Eye Candy 3D Luscious Lips – $500  (Introductory Price $250)
Pain Level: None to mild – Depending on your pain tolerance
Duration: 3 hours
Last for 2-4 years


With either technique you can be confident that your lips are always be on point. Schedule a consultation and we’ll show you how your lips can look.  To see if you are a candidate,  please read the do’s and don’t page on our website before scheduling an appointment.
PMU Consultation Deposit $25